How to paint a garage floor - our step-by-step guide to refresh your interior concrete floors

How to paint a garage floor - our step-by-step guide to refresh your interior concrete floors

Whether your home garage floor or a commercial concrete floor needs a refresh, our easy-to-follow guide shows you how to protect and renew your interior floor area from oil stains, dust and much more. 

We know that painting a concrete floor can be a daunting job, and ensuring that it stays durable, especially in heavy-traffic areas, is very important. That’s why determining which type of floor paint is suitable for the surface, and prepping the surface beforehand is key. When painting any garage or commercial floor area the paint must be hard-wearing and able to withstand vehicles and foot traffic. It is also important to ensure that the temperature is above 10°C when applying. 

Polar Garage Floor Paint is designed for interior concrete and stone floors, in garages, wet rooms, utility rooms, corridors, warehouses and walkways. A tough and durable solution to lift and restore a tired concrete floor so it stays resistant to industrial chemicals, dust, moisture and frequent washing with water.

Concrete Floor Surface Preparation 

Once you have cleared the area of any furniture, tools, equipment etc, you need to clean it thoroughly to remove any dust or dirt – if left on the surface, contaminants may affect the final finish of the paint.

To remove dust and dirt you can use a vacuum cleaner, jet wash or firm wire brush. These are usually effective in getting the surface clean. We also highly recommend you use our Acid Etch Primer, it’s easy to apply, and effectively dissolves mortar stains, cleans ingrained dirt and removes light oil.

Etching is a crucial part of the painting process; concrete surfaces are naturally smooth; they often struggle to absorb paint. Polar Acid Etch Primer increases surface abrasion, creating a cleaner, more adsorbate surface for the paint to be applied on. 


A step-by-step guide to painting your concrete floor 

  1. Ventilation – for your health and safety, ensure the area is well ventilated, (this will also improve drying time).
  2. Make sure the surface is dry and clean by removing any dust or dirt. This will provide a better, long-lasting finish for the paint to be applied on.
  3. We advise you to apply Polar Acid Etch Primer before painting to increase surface abrasion, and clean and protect the concrete surface prior to the paint being applied. 
  4. Once the surface is clean and dry and free from dust or dirt, you are ready to apply the paint.
  5. Make sure the paint is stirred well before use and applied with either a brush or solvent-resistant roller, evenly across the surface. 2 coats are usually required, this ensures a superior quality finish.
  6. For your first coat, dilute with up to 10% white spirit and allow to dry between 16-24 hours. After this time, you can apply a second coat.
  7. After painting, allow 7 days before driving a vehicle on the surface.


Key things to remember:

  • Clean all equipment with white spirit immediately after use to help preserve and maintain the quality of brushes, rollers etc.
  • 2 coats are advised to ensure a long-lasting finish, with a minimum over-coating time of around 16-24 hours.
  • When applying the paint, we advise that the temperature should be above 10°C.
  • Allow new concrete to mature for a minimum of 6 months before applying paint.



Can garage floor paint be used outside?

Our garage floor paint is for interior use only.

Is Polar Garage Floor paint non-slip?

Our garage floor paint contains anti-slip properties, however, for additional anti-slip strength, we also have an anti-slip version available in light grey.

How much Polar Garage Floor paint would I need to cover 30m²?

2.5 litres will cover up to 30m². 1 Litre covers up to 12m² 

What colours are available? 

Polar Garage Floor Paint comes in White, Light Grey, Black, Yellow, and Sea Blue.