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Polar Coatings

Polar Multi-Purpose LeakFix Paint

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Instantly Waterproofs
One Coat
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    polar leakseal

    Product Details

    WATERPROOFS INSTANTLY – If water is getting in, Polar LeakFix will keep it out. Seal any leaks and cracks on your roof gutter and drainpipe. If it rains immediately after application – it will have no adverse effect.

    ONE COAT – Just one coat to exposed areas and waterproofs them instantly. If you have a leak, LeakFix will seal it – and keep it sealed for a long time to come. 500ml covers up to 0.5m² and 1 Litre covers up to 1m².

    REINFORCED FIBRES – Black & Grey LeakFix contains reinforced fibres that interlace to cover up small gaps or crack, giving durable and quick results.

    NO PRIMER NEEDED – Easy application and no primer needed which can be applied to damp surfaces. An easy solution for emergency roof repairs and water leaks.

    MULTI-PURPOSE USE – For use on flat roofs pitched roofs, weathered asphalt, bitumen surfaces, felt shed roofs, gutters, drainpipes, concrete, brick, GRP, fibreglass roofs, felt roofs and metal roofing surfaces.

    Coverage Calculator

    How Much Do I Need?

    Measure your area precisely, drop the numbers into this smart calculator and it will tell you straight away how many litres you’ll need to complete your project.

    You will need


    Use For The Following Surface Types


    Technical Specifications

    Interior/Exterior Exterior
    Number of Coats One
    Coverage 500ml covers up to 0.5m²
    1 Litre covers up to 1m²
    Dry Time Instant Protection
    Touch Dry in 3-4 hours
    Fully Dry in 6-7 days
    Colours Black, Clear and Grey
    Application Brush or Roller
    Application Temperature 5°C to 25°C
    Paint Base Solvent
    Size 500ml
    1 Litre
    2.5 Litre



    Clear all areas of moss, lichen and debris by brushing or power washing.
    Remove surface water and any contamination such as Oil or Grease.
    Allow to dry.
    If required apply a Fungicidal Wash to prevent further fungal/algal growth.
    Most roofing substrates to be treated will not normally require priming.


    Stir well before use.
    Application temperature should be between 5°C-25°C.
    Use a brush or roller.
    Apply a generous amount of LeakSeal to the required area.

    Finishing Up

    Instant Protection.
    Touch Dry: 3-4 hours.
    Fully Cured: 6-7 days.
    Clean all equipment with White Spirit.
    Keeps for up to 2 years if stored correctly in an unopened container.

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