How to stop a shed roof from leaking

How to stop a shed roof from leaking

No one wants a leaky shed roof. And certainly, no one wants the job of having to replace it.

But at Polar we have good news - you don’t need to!

Unless the roof is completely rotten, it’s highly unlikely you’ll require a full replacement. So, before you rip off the roof and spend heaps of time (and money!) – stop - and read this first.

Whether you’ve already sprung a leak or simply want to protect against potential future problems and increase the longevity of your shed, here we explain just how easy it can be to prevent your roof from leaking.  

Why is it leaking?

Before you start on any repairs, you first need to be clear on what the problem is.

Common causes of leaks include tears, cracks, missing pieces, and general wear and tear. Let’s not forget that a garden shed in the UK takes a battering and even the smallest of rips in the roof felt can let in rain and moisture.

It’s a good idea to check over your shed roof regularly and to look out for damp patches appearing in the ceiling. This will help you to spot signs early and take action to prevent further damage and the situation having time to escalate.

How to prevent leaks  

If you want to be confident of preventing a leaky roof, there are a few things you can do to help minimise the risk.

  • Keep the roof clean and clear

Roof looking a little green? Is there a build-up of moss or lichen? Are leaves or blossoms littering the surface?

Keeping your shed roof clean and clear of debris will help to keep the surface in good condition, allowing water to drain away properly without becoming trapped and ‘sitting’ on the surface, which can encourage leaks.

  • Cut overhanging branches

In a bid to achieve a clean roof - and avoid a build-up of leaves and debris - it’s a good idea to trim back any overhanging branches. This will also allow sunlight to hit the roof preventing it from being constantly damp.

  • Add a protective layer

Sometimes the cause of a leak can be obvious – such as a missing tile that’s blown off in the wind – allowing you to simply patch up the problem area.

Often though, finding the precise spot where water is getting in can be tricky.

The simplest (and most effective) thing you can do to guard against leaks is to paint your shed roof using a special water-resistant shed roof paint – like the one we have available here at Polar.

Reinforcing and enhancing the waterproof barrier of your roof, shed roof paint covers the entire surface, ensuring maximum protection and covering your entire roof in a hardwearing and water-resistant layer.

Using Polar Shed Roof Paint

Think it sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Using Polar Shed Roof Paint really is that easy.

All you need to do is quickly prep the area. By this we mean make sure that the roof is clean and dry and, if needed, apply a fungicidal wash to prevent further fungal or algal growth.

Once that’s sorted, you’re good to go. There’s no need for primer, simply apply the paint with a brush or roller for instant defence against leaks. Apply liberally and one coat should be plenty.

The roof should be touch dry in 3-4 hours and fully dry in 6-7 hours, leaving your shed roof not only protected from leaks but looking great too, fully revived with an attractive smooth finish in either black or anthracite.

Can you use shed roof paint on all surfaces?

Pretty much! That’s one of the great things about this product, it’s effective on all the standard shed roof materials, including:

  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen
  • Felt
  • Metal
  • Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

 It can also be used on brick and concrete. Meaning you can protect everything – the garden shed, outbuilding, play house, man cave, garden office - you name it!  

Fix your leaky shed roof today

Time to safeguard your shed roof from leaks?

Not only can something as simple as a coat of paint help put a stop to leaks, it can prevent them in the first place!

Ensure your shed roof has optimal waterproof protection and order your shed roof paint from Polar today. With free next delivery on all UK orders and super easy application, you’ll be protected from leaks in no time. Leaving you to sit back and ponder all those other DIY jobs you can get started on…later…

Visit Polar Shed Roof Paint to find out more or if you have any questions about how best to prevent leaks, or the suitability of our products for your project, please feel free to get in touch.

We’re always happy to help. Start a live chat with a member of our expert team, send an email to or call now on 0161 850 0379.