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Polar Coatings

Polar Flawless Lacquer Liquid

Easy To Apply
Durable Protective Lacquer
Interior & Exterior Use
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Product Details

HIGH QUALITY & RESISTANT LACQUER - Our Polar Lacquer Paint provides a matt black acrylic, non-yellowing topcoat, both scratch and water resistant. Designed for very little maintenance, our Lacquer Paint protects against environmental and chemical elements. Leaving decorated surfaces tough, durable, and with a lasting flawless finish.

MULTI-PURPOSE SURFACE USE – Flexible liquid paint that can be used on most bare and coated substrates including wood, metals, plastics, masonry, plaster & ceramics. Give your interior surfaces a defensive & protective sealant finish. Ideal for all furniture and plastic or metal ornaments.

PROTECTS & ENHANCES – Polar Flawless Lacquer provides long-lasting protection from UV damage & corrosion. Apply as a pre-treatment primer for paint or a final seal with great adhesion. Enhances surfaces while sealing with a non-yellowing finish.

EASY TO APPLY & LONG LASTING – Simple to use, quick-drying and long-lasting formula. Polar Lacquer Paint gives excellent durability, adhesion and flexibility. Just ensure surfaces are free from oil, dirt, grease & grime. Touch dry in just 15-30 minutes. For optimal results, apply 2 or 3 coats, allowing 30 minutes between coatings.

ATTRACTIVE FINISH - Leaves surfaces looking flawless, with a deep varnish shine, attractive finish. Our Flawless Lacquer comes in a smooth Satin or Matt finish, enabling you to tackle any sealant surface job with absolute ease.