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Polar Coatings

Polar De-Icer Spray

Fast Acting Solution
Easy To Use
Melts Ice Fast
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    Product Details

    FAST & EFFECTIVE DE-ICER - Polar S1 Superior De-icer spray – 500ml Pack of 2 is a fast and effective way to remove ice, snow, slush, sleet from your car windscreen, vans, and other frosty surfaces.

    COMPACT ICE SCRAPER - Our product comes with a compact plastic credit card sized ice scraper with tyre tread gauge on the back so you can take it anywhere on the go.

    EASY TO USE - Remove any loose ice and snow with the scraper. Shake the De-Icer can well before use. Apply directly to the surface at a recommended distance of 30cm. Stand back and watch the ice and frost melt. Dry the surface with a cloth to prevent water streaks forming.

    MULTI-PURPOSE - Can be use on a wide range of surfaces. Recommended for use on automotive applications such as car windshields, car glass, mirrors, windscreens, locks, and headlights. This is also suitable for use on hard surfaces susceptible to freezing such as locks, hinges, gates and more.

    LOW TEMPERATURE USE - Polar S1 De-Icer Spray can be used in temperatures as low as -20°C without any loss of pressure. Our De-Icer contains additives to prevent re-freezing and detergent properties to make sure your windscreen is clear before you drive away.



    Remove all loosely adhering ice, snow, sleet, slush etc. with a scraper or similar.
    Shake can thoroughly before use
    Apply directly to the area from a distance of around 30cm.
    Allow the ice to melt
    Dry the surface with a cloth.
    Repeat if required.

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