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Polar Specialist Coatings

Polar Matt Black Spray Paint for Metal - 6 x 400ml - Direct to Rust - Primer, Undercoat, Topcoat - Quick Dry Formula - Ideal for Metal, Wood, Plastic and Ceramic Surfaces

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    Introducing Polar Black Direct to Rust Black Spray Paint for Metal—the trusted brand for your rusty metal surfaces! Say goodbye to rust and say hello to a world of effortless transformation and vibrant finishes. With its all-in-one easy-to-use formula, this metal paint spray simplifies the restoration process by acting as a primer, undercoat, and topcoat all rolled into one handy can. Get ready to unleash your creativity with Polar Black's quick-drying formula! Whether you're sprucing up rusty metal doors, garden furniture, or even gates and railings, this black paint for metal delivers efficient, satin/glossy finishes with just one swipe. Covering up to 2 m² per coat, it's perfect for those larger-than-life projects that demand professional-grade results. Works perfectly on multiple surfaces including wood, metal, plastic or ceramic surfaces. Ideal for rusty metal doors, interior or garden furniture, bike frame and wheels, car parts (alloys), motorcycle parts, tools, ornaments, metal gates, fences & railings. But wait, there's more! Our spray paint for metal - it's a powerhouse when it comes to protection. With its unparalleled defense against rust and corrosion, it works as a anti rust spray for metal surfaces! Plus, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and as a metal primer spray paint, ensuring your creations stay looking pristine for years to come. And the best part? Applying Gloss Black Spray Paint is as easy as pie! Simply spray directly onto metal for excellent coverage and lightning-fast drying times. With just 2-3 light coats, you'll achieve flawless results that dry to the touch in just 20 minutes. Say goodbye to boring, tedious restoration projects and hello to fun, effortless transformations with this black metal spray paint! Available also as an antique brass spray paint. Choose Polar Black Direct to Rust Spray Paint and let your creativity shine! Say hello to vibrant, corrosion-free masterpieces and make every project a work of art!
    • All in One Rust Remover Metal Spray Paint: Our specially designed Polar Direct to Rust spray is an all-in-one metal spray paint formulated to act as a primer, undercoat & topcoat. Giving high performance on quick solution restorations against rusting metals or furniture as well as wood, plastic and ceramic surfaces.
    • Long-Lasting Protection: Polar Direct to Rust anti-rust spray for metal actively defends & protects against rust & corrosion. Provides excellent adhesion to ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates, making it perfect for indoor & outdoor surfaces, offering excellent resistance to UV, salt spray, and colour fade.
    • Multi-purpose Use for Interior & Exterior Projects: Take our black metal spray paint on any interior or exterior projects. Suitable for use on lead, carbon steel, cast iron, zinc, copper, alloy steel, wrought iron, and aluminum surfaces. Ideal for rusty metal doors, interior or garden furniture, bike frame and wheels, car parts (alloys), motorcycle parts, tools, ornaments, metal gates, fences & railings.
    • Easy to Use & Quick-Drying: Our black metal paint is the go-to choice for professionals or DIY enthusiasts with its easy-to-use spray can. With its quick-dry formula, apply sparingly from a distance of 15-25cm, each 400ml can covers 2 m². Leave to dry in 20 mins. Re-coat after 20 mins for an enhanced finish.
    • Attractive Finish: Our metal paint spray leaves an attractive Matt, Gloss or Satin finish and in White, Silver, and Black colours. Also efficient as a black spray paint for wood, apply directly on the surface for a tough and durable finish, effectively reviving old items, providing a renewed appearance and extended quality