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Polar Specialist Coatings

Polar Anti-Mould Paint (Magnolia, 500 ml (Pack of 1))

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    Shield your interior walls and ceilings from mould with Polar's purpose-built anti-mould paint. This formula resists mould growth in high-condensation areas, making it ideal for surfaces like brick, concrete, cement, and plaster (excluding breeze blocks). Before application, ensure the surface is dry, clean, and free from grease, dirt, rust, or flaking material. Treat any existing mould with bleach or anti-mould spray and allow it to dry. Applying Polar Anti-Mould paint is a breeze - use a brush, roller, or airless spray on a clean, dry surface. It dries in just 2-3 hours, allowing for a second coat after 4 hours. Achieve coverage of up to 11 square metres per litre. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and areas around doors, frames, skylights, pipes, and ducts in both domestic and public spaces
    • PREVENT & CONTROL – Polar anti-mould paint is specifically designed to prevent mould from penetrating interior walls and ceilings.
    • MOULD RESISTANT - provides resistance against mould growth in high condensation areas. Suitable for use on interior wall surfaces including brick, concrete, cement and plaster (not breeze blocks).
    • PREPARATION – Ready for use on interior surfaces where mould has appeared. Before painting, the surface should be dry, clean and free from grease, dirt, rust and loose or flaking material. Any mould growth should be wiped down with bleach or anti-mould spray and left to dry.
    • EASY APPLICATION – Apply Polar Anti-Mould paint to a clean and dry surface, using a brush, roller or airless spray. Drying time is between 2-3 hours, a second coat can be applied after 4 hours. The spreading rate is up to 11 sq. metres per 1 litres.
    • INTERIOR USE - Ideal for use on internal walls and ceilings in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, or around doors, frames, skylights, cold water pipes and cooling ducts. Suitable for domestic or public areas.