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Polar Coatings

Polar Interior & Exterior Line Marker Spray Paint

Interior & Exterior Use
Easy To Apply
Quick Drying Time
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    Product Details

    PRECISION ACCURACY - Create sharp, accurate lines with the precise nozzle spray action. Feel confident when tracing lines freehand. Ideal for marking on multiple surfaces, including sports grass pitches, car parks, warehouse lines, cycling tracks, roads, golf courses and much more. 

    INTERIOR & EXTERIOR USE - Polar Line Marker is purposely designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Whether you’re painting lines in a garage/warehouse or marking a sports field, our spray paint works perfectly. Suitable for Wood, Concrete and Grass surfaces. Available in White or Yellow.

    WEATHER RESISTANT - The acrylic resin-based paint is resistant to weathering and will stay sharp and visible for long periods. For optimal results apply to a surface that is clean and dry.

    EASY TO USE - Formulated for ease of use. Simply shake the can before using, freeing the agitator ball. Our spray nozzle provides easy accuracy, using pressure and distance to the surface. 750ml of Polar Line Marker covers up to 6㎡.

    FAST DRYING - Complete any line marking job in no time at all, with our fast-drying acrylic spray paint. Dry time of 15-20 minutes depending on surface and coatings.

    Use For The Following Surface Types


    Technical Specifications

    Interior/Exterior Interior & Exterior
    Colours White & Yellow
    Size 18



    Ensure the surface is clean dry and sound.
    Shake the can until the agitator ball moves freely. Invert the can, using the 2 finger pads depress the actuator.


    The colour density and line width are controlled by the application speed and distance from the surface.

    Finishing Up

    After use, point nozzle upwards and depress the actuator for 3 or 4 seconds to clean the orifice.

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