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Polar Coatings

Polar StoneHold Binder

Solvent Free & Eco-Friendly
Easy To Apply
For Loose Stone & Gravel


5 Litre
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    Product Details

    EXCELLENT STABILITY - HOLDS & FIXES LOOSE STONE IN PLACE - Polar StoneHold offers high-level binding on new and existing loose stones. Capable of securing and holding stones in place for a perfect finish. Ideal use on 4mm to 10mm stones, able to bind larger stones up to 20mm in non-heavy traffic areas. Not suitable for vehicle/ heavy-duty traffic areas, or places outdoor furniture would go.

    MULTI-PURPOSE USE - For a decorative garden finish, StoneHold can be used with an airless sprayer for greater coverage, ideal for Flowerbed or non-traffic areas. Pour StoneHold with a steady flow watering can or mix stones directly, for a more robust and even bonding. 

    PROTECT AGAINST ALGAE & MOSS - StoneHold coats stones in a thin film, stopping and preventing algae and moss growth from within or underneath. This provides a protective chic sheen layer, still permeable by water. StoneHold is an air-drying product, which strengthens and stabilises when it evaporates, leaving stones secure and bound. 

    EASY TO USE & APPLY - Pour, Spray or Mix depending on your need and area size. Each method produces outstanding binding results on new or existing stones. Suitable for Pathways, Patios, Flowerbeds, Borders and Steps. 

    ECO-FRIENDLY - Leave your garden toxic and contamination-free with the StoneHold Water-based solution that provides high stability and holding performance - Child, Pet and Plant Safe.

    Technical Specifications

    Interior/Exterior Exterior
    Number of Coats Two
    Colours Clear
    Paint Base Water based
    Size 5 Litres



    Ensure correct weather conditions before applying Stonehold. Warm and dry conditions 48 hours after will provide the highest quality bond performance. Do not apply below 10C. Before application, ensure stones are washed and dry to prevent contamination of dirt and debris. This will prevent any disruption to the bonding process between the stones. Recommended two coats of Stonehold when pouring or spraying for optimal results. Allow drying before applying a second coat.

    Pour On: Use a steady flow watering can to evenly disperse the Stonehold liquid across the stones, giving an even coating. Ensure stones are not oversaturated as this can lead to performance issues with bonding. Recommend 1 litre per m2 for effective penetration into stones.

    Spray-On: Use a standard airless sprayer to efficiently double the coverage of an area. Whilst this method provides greater coverage, it limits the penetration of the liquid into the stones, providing less stability on the surface finish. Perfect for areas which are decorative only. Recommend 1 litre for every 2m2.

    Mix In: To avoid the risk of splashing on paving and surrounding areas, Stonehold can be mixed with stones to provide a robust and even coating. Avoid mixing old and new stones, as this can vary performance levels of coating and bonding. 2 Litres is capable of coating a standard 25kg bag of stones.

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