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Polar Specialist Coatings

Polar Mould Remover 500ml -Fast Acting Solution - Deep Cleaning Treatment to Remove Mould & Dirt - Prevent Regrowth of Damp

Prepares Surfaces For Painting
Kills Damp & Mould
Fast Acting Solution


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    Product Details

    Polar Mould Remover 500ml -Fast Acting Solution - Deep Cleaning Treatment to Remove Mould & Dirt - Prevent Regrowth of Damp
    • DAMP & MOULD REMOVER – Treat damp surfaces and effectively destroy pink and black mould with ease, using Polar Damp Pre-treatment and Mould Remover spray.
    • CLEAN, SANITISE & PROTECT – Ideal for home or commercial environments, Polar’s deep cleaning formula enables quick and effective cleaning of mould and grime on hard surfaces.
    • EASY ONE COAT APPLICATION – Polar Mould Remover is an effective solution to remove mould and grime using just one coat. The convenient spray nozzle makes it easy to apply to the surface to break down mould and grime, simply leave for 5 minutes then scrub off.
    • PROTECT AGAINST REGROWTH – Our spray formula makes it easier to provide protection that lasts, apply regularly for protection against regrowth to keep surfaces looking clean.
    • MULTI-SURFACE USE – Polar damp and mould remover can be used on walls, ceilings, windowsills, stone, tiles, grouting, ceramic basins, shower curtains, stainless steel, chrome, plastics, and toilets. Also suitable for travertine, slate, marble, quarry tiles, glazed porcelain, limestone, terracotta, frost proof tiles amongst many other surfaces. Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces - please note when used outside, use in dry conditions.

    Technical Specifications

    Interior/Exterior Interior and Exterior
    Number of Coats One
    Size 500ml



    Do not use on hot or damaged surfaces, aluminium or other reactive metals, coloured grouting, unsealed wood, unsealed laminate flooring, printed textiles/carpets or linoleum.
    Always test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure compatibility.
    Follow all safety precautions.
    Avoid any splashes to sensitive surfaces such as metal, wood or clothing when applying.


    Keep the trigger spray upright and apply directly to the soiled area from 20-25cm, leaving it to work for a minimum of 5 minutes.
    Scrub with a nylon brush if necessary.
    Repeat as necessary to remove all mould.

    Finishing Up

    Keep away from pets, animals, food and plants.
    Rinse all equipment that has been in contact with the product with cold water after use. Store in a cool, dark, area away from heat and direct sunlight.