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Polar Specialist Coatings

Polar Grout Cleaner (Grout Cleaner, 500ml)

Removes Stubborn Stains
Easy To Use
Fast Acting Solution
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    Product Details

    Polar Grout Cleaner (Grout Cleaner, 500ml)



    Prior to application, ensure the surface is dry and completely free from contaminants.
    Follow all safety precautions, including wearing suitable protective eyewear and gloves.
    Avoid any splashes to sensitive surfaces such as metal, wood or clothing when applying.


    If necessary, mask off any sensitive surface areas before application.
    Apply from a safe distance of 3-5cm away.
    Allow the solution to work for 20-30 minutes, then agitate with a stiff brush or scouring pad.
    Apply a second coat and the leave solution to work for 2-3 hours if required on stubborn or difficult stains.
    Once application is complete, clean the sprayed surface area with a sponge and water.

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