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Polar Coatings

Polar Multi-Surface Black Spot Remover

Removes Stubborn Stains
Fast Acting Solution
Easy To Use


5 Litre
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    Product Details

    REMOVES MOSS & STAINS - Polar Black Spot Remover is a powerful, deep clean solution that blasts through spot stains, moss, lichen, weeds and algae growth. Prevent and destroy persistent under surface algae and weed growth - giving long lasting protection for your concrete, brick or stone flagged areas. 

    DESTROYS DIRT & GRIME - Do away with power washing and scrubbing. Polar Black Spot Remover is formulated to remove unsightly black stains, stubborn dirt and filthy grime - leaving your pathways, patios and driveways looking pristine and fresh, all year round.

    MULTI-SURFACE USE - Fast acting solution that gets the job done across various exterior surfaces. Perfect for blasting dirt, stains and algae on; concrete, brick, stone, flags and block paving. Keep your garden patios, driveways, paths and steps durable and hard-wearing, whilst looking clean and as good as new. 

    EASY APPLICATION & QUICK DRYING - Cleans in one quick and easy application. Can be poured on via a watering can or by Polar Garden Sprayer for a fast and simple spray application. Once applied, leave the solution to soak into the surface for between 4-6 hours. Rinse off thoroughly once completely soaked in. Avoid applying in damp conditions, and do not apply to saturated surfaces or if rainfall is due within the soaking time. 

    EXCELLENT COVERAGE - Coverage rates may vary slightly depending on the nature of the surface and application method. Generally up to 25㎡ per 5 Litres. Prior to either pouring or spraying application, ensure the surface is brushed and free from dust and loose debris. Keep household pets away from the area until cleaning is complete.

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    Technical Specifications

    Interior/Exterior Exterior
    Number of Coats One
    Coverage 5 Litres covers up to 25m²
    Dry Time 4-6 hours to fully soak into the surface
    Application Garden Sprayer or Watering Can
    Size 5 Litres



    Before application, ensure the surface is clean and dry.
    Sweep the surface with a stiff brush to remove loose dirt or any other large physical debris.
    Keep pets and other animals away from the area, until fully complete.
    Avoid cleaning any stone or concrete surface that comes into contact with a pond or aquatic life area.


    For optimal results, apply to exterior surfaces such as; brick, concrete, stone, paving slabs, flags and block paving.
    Can be applied in slight damp conditions, but avoid applying to saturated surfaces or any period when rainfall will occur during the cleaning and soaking process.
    Can be applied by either pouring with a watering can or spraying with a garden sprayer.
    Coverage may vary depending on conditions and surface type.
    Once applied, allow between 4-6 hours for the product to fully soak in.
    Rinse thoroughly afterwards and allow to dry to complete the cleaning process.

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