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Polar Coatings

Polar Black Spot Preventer

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5 Litre
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    Product Details

    PREVENT BLACK SPOT & ALGAE GROWTH - Uniquely formulated to stop and prevent infestation of black spots, algae and lichen growth. Kills and eliminates lichen spores before they can germinate into unsightly and unwanted spots on your patios, pathways or garden stonework.

    LONG LASTING PROTECTION - Polar Black Spot Preventer provides a long-lasting, protective and preventive layer on concrete and stone surfaces. One application every 6-12 months keeps and stops algae and lichen regrowth across surfaces. Ideal for application on newly laid stone. Can be applied to stone surfaces 3-6 months after being cleaned by Polar Black Spot Remover. 

    USE ON ALL TYPES OF STONE - Suitable to be used across a variety of all outdoor concrete and stone surfaces. Ideal for black spot prevention on patios, pathways, paving and decorative garden areas. Can also be used to prevent algae and lichen growth on walls, roofs and driveways. 

    EASY TO APPLY - Clean the surface and brush off any debris or dirt. For optimal application and performance, use the Polar Garden Sprayer - with increased accuracy and coverage when spraying. Can alternatively use a water can and brush. Mix 1 part Polar Black Spot Preventor to 3 parts of water. Apply a flood coat to the affected surface and allow it to soak in and completely dry. Do not wash off. 5 Litres covers up to 100㎡.

    PET & CHILD SAFE - Polar Black Spot Preventer comes fully animal, pet and child safe when dry. During the application process, keep pets and children away until the surface area has completely soaked and dried. Not recommended if rainfall is forecast 12-24 hours after application. Avoid application near ponds and plant life.

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    Technical Specifications

    Interior/Exterior Exterior
    Number of Coats One
    Coverage 5 Litres covers up to 100m²
    Dry Time 4-6 hours to fully soak into the surface
    Application Brush or Roller
    Size 5 Litres



    Suitable for application on newly laid stone.
    Can also be used on surfaces that have been cleaned by Polar Black Spot Remover 3-6 months prior to application.
    Ensure the surface area is suitably cleaned, removing any loose debris on contaminations.
    Avoid applying around fish ponds or aquatic life and make certain children and pets are kept away during application.
    Do not apply in wet conditions or if rainfall is expected 12-24 hours after application.


    Once the surface is completely cleaned off, dry and prepared - proceed with applying Polar Black Spot Preventer.
    Can be mixed in a watering can and applied via either a brush or roller.
    Add and mix one part Polar Black Spot Preventer with three parts water.
    Spray in a sweeping motion across the surface until a flood coat has been achieved.
    Allow the solution to soak and fully dry - do not wash off.
    Reapply every 6-13 months to ensure the prevention of algae and black spot growth.

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