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Polar Coatings

Polar Anti-Shine Lacquer Spray

Durable Protective Lacquer
Interior & Exterior Use
Quick Drying Time
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    Product Details

    INTERIOR MODEL GAMING, ARTS & CRAFTS - Polar Anti-Shine Lacquer is an acrylic resin based lacquer that is purposefully designed to deliver a dull finish topcoat. Give your interior arts and crafts projects a varnished anti-shine look. Suitable to be applied across a range of acrylic colours and surfaces - making it the perfect lacquer for any crafts, gaming figurines or model projects.

    EASY TO APPLY & QUICK DRYING - Our Anti-Shine Lacquer is simple and easy to apply. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from dust and grime. Prime surface with correct Acrylic Primer if required. Attach to the Polar Trigger Gun for increased precision and coverage when spraying. Apply 2-3 light coats for optimal coverage. Allow 10-15 minutes between coatings and a full 24 hours for final acrylic coating finish.

    MULTI SURFACE FOR INTERIOR & EXTERIOR USE - Polar Anti-Shine Lacquer is ideal as a base and overcoat for various surfaces. Can be applied across multiple hobby craft objects - both interior and exterior. Perfect for ceramic, plastic, metal and resin surfaces. Add an anti-shine finish to gaming figurines, dolls, model planes, trains or objects.

    UV & COLOUR FADE RESISTANT - Tough, durable and hard-wearing lacquer that will give your crafts, models and figurines a clear, protective topcoat layer. Formulated to be UV resistant as well as showing high resilience against colour fading. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor craft projects.

    FLAT ANTI-SHINE FINISH - Delivers a smooth anti-shine flat matt finish on your interior and exterior art projects. Revamp your vintage and retro ornamental objects, models, figurines or craft projects. Adds a protective, dull styled lacquer finish across multiple surfaces. Durable and tough-wearing lacquer that provides you with the confidence to show off your hobby crafts projects around your home.

    Use For The Following Surface Types


    Technical Specifications

    Interior/Exterior Interior & Exterior
    Number of Coats 2
    Dry Time Recoatable: 15 minutes
    Hard Dry: 24 hours
    Size 400ml



    Mask off surfaces not to be sprayed.
    Prepare surface prior to painting.
    Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, sound and free of contaminants.
    Shake well before use.


    Keep can upright whilst using.
    Check compatibility on an inconspicuous area first.
    Spray from 20cm.
    Apply thin coats.

    Finishing Up

    Build up coats allowing 15 minutes between each.
    Leave to harden for 24hrs.
    Invert can after use and spray for 1 second.

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