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Polar Coatings

Polar Air Duster

Cleans & Protects
Easy To Use
Multi Surface Use
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    Product Details

    EASY TO USE - Polar S1 Superior Air Duster Spray is a quick and easy way to clean, sanitise and protect all electronic equipment from dust. Fasting acting and easy to store air dusters for everyday use.

    EASY STRAW, SPRAY IN TWO DIRECTIONS - Polar S1 Superior Air Duster compressed air can comes with an easy foldable extension straw that allows you to eliminate as much dust, dirt and particles. Easy Straw can be used at any angle for hard-to-reach areas for accuracy & precision.

    MULTI PURPOSE USE - Suitable for cleaning electronics, PC, CPUs, keyboards, laptops, fans, printers, car interiors, and many more! Designed to physically remove superficial dirt, grime, and other loosely adhering contaminants where “wet”, or other normal chemical products are not permissible.

    HIGH PRESSURE DISCHARGE & SAFE CLEANING - Polar S1 Superior Air Duster Spray can spray is odourless and evaporates within seconds. High Pressure Discharge and when used correctly, the compressed gas does not leave residue. Safe for the most delicate of instruments.



    Ensure electrical equipment is isolated and static has been discharged.


    Spray apply directly to the area.

    Finishing Up

    Keep can upright whilst using.
    Failure to do so may result in liquid discharge and freezing effect

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