Paint Your Walls Like A Pro

Are your walls in need of a refresh? We’re here to help you brighten up your walls like a pro. No more looking at faded paint and flaking walls because with our helpful guide you can give your room a much needed freshen up.

1. Plan Your Approach

Before you even start, you need to think about what you want your room to look like when it is finished.

Even a fresh coat of white paint can transform the look of a room. Don’t forget to look up and see if the ceiling could do with a refresh.

Top Tip: Pinterest is the best place to start. Check out our board dedicated to walls.

2. Find The Right Paint

At Polar we offer two different types of paint, Contract Matt and Heavy Duty Matt Emulsion. Check out both to find the one that suits you best

Contract Matt Emulsion - £34.23

Fast Drying

Low Odour

Two Coats

Coverage: 14m²/Litre

Touch Dry: 2 hours

Heavy Duty Matt Emulsion - £45.19

High Performance


One Coat

Coverage: 8m²/Litre

Touch Dry: 1-2 hours

3. Make Sure You Order Enough

When buying paint the most important step is making sure you have enough and making sure that the batch numbers are the same.

Top Tip: Use our Coverage Calculator to find out how much paint you need.


4. Prep The Room

Make sure you don’t damage any furniture or ornaments in the room you are painting by following the below steps.

  • Move all furniture to the centre of the room and cover with a dustsheet, old bedding, etc.
  • Make sure to put sheets on the floor to protect your carpet & flooring
  • Cover all electrical sockets, doorframes & skirting boards with decorators tape/masking tape, make sure the tape is completely flat and secure to avoid bleeding

5. Prep The Walls

To ensure a smooth professional finish you need to make sure that you have a good base for the paint. To do this go around the room and fill in any holes & cracks with filler. To remove any flaking paint use a scraper. Once the filler is dry, go over the walls with sanding paper in circular motions to get a smooth finish.

6. Mix The Paint

When you are ready to start painting and you open your tin of paint, you need to make sure to mix the paint thoroughly. Make sure to mix your paint throughout so there is no settlement


7. Start Painting

Once you have chosen your application method you can start painting. We recommend doing the edges first with a paint brush and using a roller in a W or M pattern when painting the rest of the wall.

Top Tip: Don’t forget ventilation, make sure your room is well ventilated with fresh air while you are painting and while the paint is drying. Note – If it is a damp day this may impact on drying times.


8. Sit Back & Let It Dry

Now it’s time to make a brew and put your feet up while you let the paint dry. Make sure you read the label/instructions on the tin to know how long to leave between coats.

9. Second Coat

You may need to do a second coat of paint depending on which product you ordered. Before you apply the second coat make sure the first layer is dry and then repeat step 7.

10. Time To Pack Up

Now you have finished painting it is time to pack up your tools. Use warm soapy water to rinse and clean your tools and around the outside of your tins of paint.

Once your walls are dry to the touch you can now start removing any masking tape and dustsheets . We do not recommend moving furniture and ornaments back into place until the walls are completely dry. This will allow the air to circulate around the room and avoid any paint transferring onto any furnishing

The Spuce

11. Show Your Project Off To The World

We love to see what you have done with our products so make sure you take a photo, share it on social media and tag us in it using @polarcoatings or #DIYwithPolar

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