How To Use LeakSeal To Repair Your Roof – As Easy As 1,2,3

1 - What Is LeakSeal?

LeakSeal is an acrylic solvent based one coat roof repair paint that is quick and easy to use and works instantly in the wet and dry. A high quality system protecting against leaks and cracks. A DIY friendly coating which is flexible and highly elastic with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces (see a more detailed list below). Making it a cost effective solution which you can easily do yourself without having to hire a specialist contractor. LeakSeal contains reinforced fibres that interlace to cover up small gaps or cracks, giving durable and quick results.

Available in Clear, Grey & Black and in sizes of 500ml or 1 Litre.

Fun Fact: LeakSeal is the first product we launched and remains one of our best sellers from day one.

2 - Where To Use LeakSeal

  • Flat Roofs
  • Pitched Roofs
  • Weathered Asphalt
  • Bituminous Surfaces
  • Gutters
  • Concrete
  • Brickwork
  • GRP
  • Fibreglass
  • Felt
  • Metal (Galvanised And Ferrous)

3 - Where Not To Use LeakSeal

  • Walkways
  • Balconies
  • Timber surfaces
  • New and aged PVC
  • Plasticised PVC (Plastisol)
  • Internal use

4 - What Others Think Of LeakSeal


Have had trouble with garage roof for a few years so I was open minded if this would work but fingers crossed up till now it’s worked a treat and we’ve had horrendous weather lately so very pleased.


Used it to seal an area of a flat roof above some shops where there was a small leak into one of the shops. So far so good it seems to have worked and does what it's supposed to do. I would most definitely use it again.


This stuff is amazing. It’s a bit like painting with treacle but it’s quite easy to apply. Only a small tin but it does go a surprisingly long way.


We had a leak on a metal valley gutter into our open plan living space. Applied the paint in mid Jan, cold and damp and with no confidence it would work. Hey presto leak repaired.


I had tried another product previously to cover cracks in my flat roof where the roof met an extractor piping. This product worked perfectly. Easy to apply and the viscosity was heavy enough to feel that it was going to work. I had water based products before and they simply did not work. No more leak despite the heavy downpour and now the snow and its still holding up. Great buy.


Purchased LeakSeal to sort a leak in my flat roof where it tied in to my Pitched roof. A felt flashing had failed allowing water to penetrate the roof. I applied the Leak seal to the problem area, the surface was slightly damp and it was a very cold day, the product covered with ease using a paintbrush. What appeared to be a serious problem at first is now sorted and there's been a lot of rain since. No leaks!

5 - How To Use LeakSeal

First thing you need to do is assess the situation and work out if LeakSeal is the correct product to fix your issue (refer back to the above to help you out).

Work out how much you need - we have made a handy calculator so you can easily workout how much you will need

How Much Do I Need?

Recommended Coats




You need to make sure the surface where you will be applying LeakSeal is clean and free from moss, oils, etc. We recommend using our FungiSeal or Moss Remover to get rid of any moss and algae and to prevent further growth.

Pay particular attention to cleaning out cracks, splits, joints and seals by scraping or brushing with a stiff bristle brush to make sure there is no loose dirt or contaminants.

If there are any larger cracks in the surface these will need filling to ensure LeakSeal works effectively.

Remove as much surface water as possible before applying LeakSeal, it can be applied in the wet but does have a better chance of being fully effective with the least amount of water on the surface as possible.


The application temperature should be between 5°C-25°C.

Once the surface has been cleaned and prepared apply a generous coat of LeakSeal with a brush or squeegee at the minimum spreading rate of 1 Litre/1 Square Meter.

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